Telmate Shuts the Door on That Little Beacon of Light

Having an imprisoned family member can be really hard on people. It means one less loved one in your life; one less person to rely on and exchange favors with; one less person in your social network around to help you; one less ray of sunshine in your life. The fact that Telmate imposes unreasonably high fees and rates leaves people feeling helpless as they are given the choice to either accrue big phone bills by talking to their loved ones or not talk to their loved ones, at all.


Hearing that you have the option to call a loved one in prison is like a small, bright beacon of light through a door that you thought was shut to you. However, once people hear that they have to pay such high rates and fees, that door seems to shut, indefinitely; eternally exposing them to the darkness of sadness.


Unfortunately, as long as law makers and the general public do not pay attention to this issue, that door will be shut forever—or at least for a very, very, very long time. Inmates and their families are helpless to the fact that not much is being done to curb the unscrupulous billing customs of Telmate and other inmate phone companies.


For all of this trouble, one would think that Telmate provides the best service possible. Wrong! If you take a gander at customer reviews online about Telmate, there are tons of bad reviews saying how bad Telmate’s customer service is.


Sometimes, customers, as well as non-customers, get odd calls that claim to be through Telmate and from detention centers. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether the calls are legitimately from a prison or jail, or are scam calls. There are scams out there where people pretend to represent an official sounding company or organization, and attempt to get personal information and/or money.