Telmate Keeps Inmates and Families Connected

Not everything that you read online or in newspapers is accurate or right. Businesses will lie to people in order to keep customers or in order to gain customers. When this happens, how do you know which company is the best for you to use. For inmates who are in jail, the ability to pick and choose a business is unlikely. For this reason, the person on the outside is the one who has to work to ensure that they are receiving the best for their money.


When it comes to making calls from jail, the options that they have are limited. The number of ways that someone is able to make calls is from either making collect calls or from someone signing a contract with a company like Telmate. When this happens, the person who signs the contract is going to make a deposit for the phone calls to be made from the jail. The deposit that is made is not going to count towards what is charged per call and each call will be a separate charge on the account.


The cost of each call will vary depending on the length of the call as well as the jail that the call is being made from. There is no set fee and no set rate for each call. The rate of the call is going to be dependent on each state. Some states are regulated more than others and each state charges a different rate for tax. It is important that you find the best business for the inmate and for yourself to ensure that you are able to afford the calls being made from the jail. If it is something that is too expensive, you will have to stick to visiting the inmate on visiting days at their jail.


When you decide to use Telmate, you are allowing for the inmate to be closer to reform than an inmate that is unable to see and speak to their family while they are inside the prison system. Their mental health is better when they are able to speak to their family also.