Telmate Communications vs The Competition

The battle between the top inmate communications providers have been going on for years and years. As of today, there are plenty of companies that fall under this category, but there are two who are leading the charge. Telmate Communications and Securus Technologies are the top juggernauts of this field. Both companies use some of the most innovative communications solutions, and both a gave solid reputations of conducting business. The strange thing about the two is that they have been going through court litigations for years. Securus filed the lengthy lawsuit a few years ago as it alleges that Telmate’s defamatory tactics lured its customers away. Telmate denies the claims, but it has been reported that Telmate hasn’t been fully-truthful on many about its personal company stats.


This back and forth banter isn’t a good look for the inmate communications industry, and it makes both companies look bad. On the other hand, Telmate has continued to do what it has been doing for years and that’s to provide city jails, county correctional facilities and detention centers with technological solutions. Despite the court litigations, this company does seem to be consistent with bringing some of the best technologies to prison complexes. Whether its inmate tablets, music, photos, messaging services or games, this company has been the most consistent and that speaks volumes.


Its phone services are much more cheaper than with other providers. The company produces cordless suicide phones, correctional grade phones as well as long and short body phones. Solutions are the key to success and Telmate Communications demonstrate this on a consistent basis. Skype and Google Voice are also great features that most inmates enjoy. As you can see, this company is head-and-shoulders above the competition, which makes you wonder about the validity of Securus Technology’s claim.