Struggles of Keefe Group with Corruption Charges

Keefe Commissary Group is among the leading inmate communications companies in Florida. The Keefe Group came into existence in 2008 after its parent organization, Centric Group, acquired G.T. Endeavors. The Florida-based firm is also the leading supplier of snacks, personal care products, electronics, and software correctional items. The firm has been in operation for close to 42 years now. However, the Keefe Group has a number of bribery cases at court that are yet to be solved relating to their in-bid contracts with several correctional state centers.



Most prisoners both at the local and state level have been battling with the corrupt Keefe Group for sometimes now. For instance, through the intervention of Under Lock & Key in 2009, most Pennsylvania prisoners complained of Keefe group especially on how the Group benefited from their oppression behind the bars. Actually, there has been a great concern to support Florida Prisons against Keefe Snack sneak attacks and high prices of commissary items.


In another related instance, two Gainesville businessmen admitted having connived with Keefe officials in paying bribes to state prison officers. The 64-year old Joseph Dees and Dugger pleaded guilty in the federal court in Jacksonville over the conspiracy issue that led to the resignation of James V. Crosby and Allen Wayne Clark in the year2011. Actually, Dees and his friend Dugger secretly collaborated with the former State prison official, Crosby to sell insurance inside Florida prisons. Originally, the vending deal was between Keefe executives and state prison officials. The deal incorporated the two businessmen who created a company in 2004 that offered canteen services for visitors at Florida prisons. The deal turned sour when the two confessed in court that they were to pay the former Keefe Commissary president Jack Donnelly a sum of $260,000 of the projected $1.5 million sales per year.


In 2014, the prison task force indicated their interest to review prison systems due to large numbers of corruption charges involving correction commissioners. Thus, under the new administration, several recommendations were being put in place to protect inmates from hostile groups like Keefe and others. For instance, the new administration intended to challenge every agency to have competitive bids with a minimal worth of $100,000.