Stalemate alongside Prison Communications, The Telmate

The recognition of Telmate is on the rise alongside the provision of the prisoner phones together with the video visitation, the inmate tablets, the investigation tools, mobile applications as well as the service of secure messaging. It is in San Francisco, California that the company headquarters is situated.


Securus Technologies Company has done a lot in facilitating the implementation of the outstanding and potential ideas. It is, however, worth acknowledging the fact that the opponents were never contented. It is for this reason that they decided to denounce the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. The intention, in this case, was nothing apart from snatching the clients. They hoped that it would result in the downgrading the potential of Securus in line with the duties that it took part in.


As a result, Securus submitted a petition at the Law Court of Texas. The allegation, in this case, was that Telmate LLC executed a campaign drill that was wicked and went beyond the expectations. The outcome of this was an interference with their activities as well as the way in which they relate to clients. Besides, they also highlighted that the Lanham Act had been violated.


Worth acknowledgment is the consistency in the way handlers of Telmate debated against the means that were put in place during the time the other firms handled them. The argument alongside this is the fact the only freedom they had was that of making deposits of their money. They would, however, not make calls to follow as they needed. Despite the attempts by the representatives of The Telmate’s Client Care to give a justification for their failures, their stand in the course of argument was invalid. The reason is that the cards are ever valid and their utilization happens only once.


Additionally, Telmate contributed a lot in line with the application and adaptation of a three-way call. Even though it never turned out to be a success, the attempt was an excellent idea. The explanation as to why it wasn’t three-way is simple. The reason is that it only progressed between two individuals and not three.


Telmate has recorded some positive advances in the course of its operation. Additionally, the initiative that it has in place acts as the evidence that it is destined for greatness.