Services provided by Keefe Group

Keefe Group is a well known company, for its provision of quality services to different correctional services. Keefe together with the correctional facilities management works hard to ensure they raise the standards of living to all inmates. This firm is one of the leading inmate communication companies in the county and one of the best all over the world. This company supplies all facilities withcommissary items, technology, food products, electronics, clothes and telecommunication. Keefe Group works together with its partners in order to ensure they provide quality services to all their customers. Its partners are Advanced Technologies Group, IC Solutions, Keefe Commissary Network, Access Securepack, Advanced Technologies as well as Access Corrections just to mention a few. The combined effort has greatly improved services of this firm and has enabled the firm to meet different needs in different facilities fast and fully. Keefe Group also enables prisoners purchase variety of items like hygienic products as well as personal care using their funds directly. The company allows inmates to call their loved ones since it understands how important it is to keep in touch.


Keefe has enough experience in the correctional market; this enables the firm to deal with difficult situations faced by the facilities as well as inmates. Keefe Group has been serving the facilities for more than 30 years since it was formed. Keefe Group is responsible to sell music gadgets to inmates to help them ease their minds while in the facilities. In order to survive, inmates need personal products that are also supplied by Keefe Group. Keefe Group helps in processing inmates trust funds and sells to them credit and debit cards. In order to avoid misunderstandings, the firm keeps records of the money deposits and withdrawals, reveals STL Today. Prisoners are allowed to receive money from visitors only if they have opened accounts with Keefe Group.


Since the company was started it has been offering cutting edge services to their clients. Keefe Group was started in 1975 ,, where it started working with other agencies to meet all needs of their customers. This company ensures all correctional facilities are served with the latest technology, communication, food, clothes and hygiene products and more others.