Securus Technologies Inc. Holds the Largest Patent Portfolio in the Inmate Communications Industry

Securus Technologies Inc. now holds the largest patent portfolio in the inmate communications industry, according to CEO Richard A. Smith. The leading civil and criminal justice technology solutions provider announced in a PR Newswire press release, on October 19th, 2016, the company received approval for five new patents in the past three months. Smith said Securus received notice from the U.S. Patent Office acknowledging the five patents.



From 2013 until 2016, the United States Patent Office has issued 36 patents for corrections and enforcement to Securus. During the time, the company filed 90 new patents for approval from the federal agency. Richard Smith said in the press release that Securus patents increased to 248 in their portfolio. It’s the largest total of patents owned by a company in the inmate communications industry.



Securus’ patent portfolio comprises of fraud detections, commissary services, audio calling, video visitation, inmate calling, and other products. Smith accredits their team of developers, marketing professionals, R&D experts, and technicians for contributing to its patent portfolio. He said Securus currently leads the inmate communications industry by 113 patents.



Securus Technologies Inc. is the top national provider of high-technology software solutions to correctional, public safety, and law enforcement agencies. The company was founded in 1986 as Tele-Matic Corporation and was named Securus Technologies after various acquisitions. Securus leads the inmate communications industry in developing the most sophisticated technologies for law enforcement personnel, inmates, investigators, and emergency employees.



The patent portfolio of Securus is expected to increase to more than 300 patents when U.S. Patent Office approves 90 applications. Their technologies connect investigators to leads, correctional personnel to important data, and inmates with family members.