Rude Service Abounds

I’ve always been able to use the automated system when putting money on my Global Tel Link account. There was one time when my daughter had to get a phone card in the jail so that she could call home, which wasn’t that big of a deal. However, one week I had to contact customer service to talk about my account because I noticed that there was more money taken off than was supposed to be taken. The experience was horrible, and I would recommend no one using the customer service option at all.

When I talked to the woman on the line, she acted like it wasn’t her problem that the automated system wasn’t working. I understand that, but she didn’t have to act like she didn’t want to be at work or help me at the time. She seemed like she just wanted to take my money and get me off the phone. I ended up not putting money on my account because I had the sneaking suspicion that it wouldn’t be on there when I hung up the phone. After waiting a few hours, I tried the online system and was able to add money. Never talk to someone with Global Tel if you have issues because you won’t get anywhere.  Read the full company review;

Help the ACLU spread the word about GTL’s fraud.

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