Responsibilities of Keefe Group to Correctional Markets

It always feels good knowing than one of the people you care about is safe and is in good health, even though they are in a collection facility. Keeping in touch with the inmate is the best thing you can do for them since it gives them a sense of security. Keefe Group provides correctional facilities with products, technology, software, telecommunication and clothing. Since it was founded in the year 1975, it can been pioneering packaging of products and evolution of technological products to ensure they meet all the needs of inmates in facilities.

Keefe group has been working together with Access Securepak, IC Solutions, Advanced Technologies Groups, Keefe Commissary Network and Keefe Supply Company to provide high quality services to all correctional markets. The firm has more than 200 employees working in their distribution networks which are in 16 locations in the country. Keefe has been working for correctional markets for more than thirty five years. This gives the experience on which items are needed, how to package products and ensure they meet all their requirements.

Their Responsibilities

Keefe is responsible for processing deposits made by inmates, processing their trust funds, selling prepaid credit cards and many more. Inmates are also in a position to purchase music downloads and players from Keefe hence making their lives much better. They strive to ensure they offer quality services and exceed all the expectations of their clients. With this as stated by STL Today News, Keefe Group has been able to build a good reputation and gain more and more clients over the years. They also provide inmates with commissary items which include food products, hygiene products, clothes, snacks and many more to make their lives much easier.


Despite anything they have gone through, Keefe has always been in a position to offer their clients services. One of its affiliates, Access Solutions, has been of great help by providing them with the latest technologies. With this, Keefe is always in a position to provide cutting edge services which are safer, secure and efficient to facilities national wide. It has always been a position to raise their monthly income over the years by offering quality services to facilities as well as their different clients. To learn more about the correctional market, visit