Opportunities Offered By IC Solutions

IC solutions is a service provider for inmates. It enables them to keep in touch with their friends and families. Individuals who are interested in this are expected to open an account. To be able to make and receive calls, a pre-pay service needs to be selected. The call rates usually depend on the area code a person lives in. Individuals who live close to the facilities offering these services will not have to pay so much money. Clients will then be able to communicate either through voice calls or the use of video calls. IC solutions have partnered with Access Connections enabling their clients to be able to send emails and photos to their loved ones.There are different services that are offered by this company. There is the automated information line which is a platform meant to serve inmates and their loved ones.

Often there are many questions about the jail system that one would like answered. There is an operator who is always ready to be of help. If the service is integrated with the jail system more information on the incarcerated individual can be provided. This includes their release dates or upcoming court appearances.The inmate voicemail is another service that alerts jailed persons whether they have new messages. They will get a chance to access the messages once they are provided with inmate phones. A customer support service to assist users with questions in regard to payments is available. They simply need to be aware of the correct number to dial. Phone and web based set ups for depositing funds for the inmates are available. This makes placing cash in the account of the individual more convenient. IC solutions have also come up with kiosks that have been designed to collect money from inmates. This needs to be done in a secure manner.

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