Keefe Group: Revolutionizing Inmate Services

Keefe Group brags as been one of the leading suppliers of personal care products, clothing, food products, and technology-oriented products to correctional facilities in the USA. Since its inception in the year 1975, Keefe Group has been on the forefront in ensuring that each inmate locked in a correctional facility, as well as the correctional officers as well, are well catered for when it comes to necessities

Keefe began supplying correctional-oriented products on the 5th of November in the year 2008. Since then, the company has been renewing the contract on a yearly basis. In conjunction with the MDOC Inmate Services, it is estimated that Keefe made an astounding $40 million in gross revenue as a result of supplying various products to correctional facilities in the country.

Apart from supplying products to correctional facilities, Keefe Group is also mandated with the following services.

Processing Inmates Deposits

Keefe Group is mediated with making sure that each cash used by the inmates for the purchase of products is filed and recorded accordingly.

Selling Music Players to Inmates

Keefe has the exclusive rights to sell music players to inmates in various correctional facilities in the USA. Together with MDOC, the two groups share the costs obtained from the sales For instance, Keefe Group pockets $115 and sales while MDOC pockets about $15 for each player sold.

Selling Songs and Downloads

For each song downloaded and played by the inmates, Keefe Group pockets $1.70 while MDOC receives about $0.10 per song. The money obtained from these exclusive rights is used to produce more products, pay employees, and keep the business afloat. Read more on about Keefe Group.

Selling Commissary Items

Apart from owning exclusive rights to supply music players, music downloads and processing inmate deposits, Keefe Group is mandated with supplying products such as food, tobacco, and personal hygiene products to inmates. Keefe Group pays about 29.4% of commission rate to state-owned prisons and 24% to privately-owned facilitates.

Selling Prepaid Debit Cards

Keefe Group sells prepaid debit cards to inmates who may wish to purchase their products. Also, the group is mandated with processing inmate trust funds.

From the information covered in this article, it is no secret that Keefe Group has had a positive impact on the lives of prisoners and the correctional officers posted in different regions in the country

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