Keefe Group in Fresh Controversy over Service Delivery

The Keefe Group was established in 1975 with the aim of making changes in the delivery of goods and services to the correctional facilities in the country. For the past four decades, the company has been making huge improvements in the quality of the products and the services delivered to the criminal justice systems. They managed to change the packaging of goods meant for the prisons, reduced the incidences of the goods produced being used in crimes and created products that are safe and suitable for inmates in all the correctional facilities all over the country.

While it is true that the company has been facing a few challenges in the past few months, one cannot deny that they have achieved a lot in the delivery of supplies such as food, clothes, snacks, communication services and even money transfers to the inmates. They also provide health and beauty products, television systems, pharmaceuticals and management of video visits and commissary management. The Keefe Group is part of the larger organization known as the Centric Group. Learn more on STL Today about Keefe Group.

One of the recent complaints that have been made about the group is about the corruption in the prison systems. The company is said to be making millions of dollars at the expense of the prisoners. Reports indicate that the cause of the state of affairs is that the company enjoys a monopoly on the supply of these services. The Keefe Group has however responded to these claims by asserting that they are just a victim of a system which they have little control over. They added that for quite a while, they had been required to pay some fees to the big players in the issue of tenders to get a chance to supply their goods and services to the systems. They also claim that they are not in a position to change the system because their lack of cooperation will only put them out of business.

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The president of the company, Thomas Keefe, states that the only way to end the endemic corruption within the correctional facilities is uprooting the invisible corrupt players. He asserts that they have done their best in lowering calling rates, but more needs to be done to improve the entire system in general. Know more about Keefe Group on