Keefe Group Correctional Facilities Services

Having been in service to city, county and state correctional facilities since 1975, the Keefe Group provides food products, as well as personal care items, electronics and clothing to prison inmates and to their families and friends who want to buy and send their incarcerated loved ones the products. The company is responsible for packaging and distributing the much-needed items to the facilities.


The automated commissary management service has its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, but it has operational facilities all over the nation, which serves over 500,000 inmates on a weekly basis. The 6 affiliate companies of the Keefe Group are: Access Securepak; Keefe Commissary Network; IC Solutions; Access Corrections; Keefe Supply Company; and Advanced Technologies Group.


The Keefe Group works with name-brand companies, but have their own private-label brands as well. They sell food products, such as, meat snacks, Ramen noodles, cookies, seafood and ready-to-eat meals, just to name a few. And the personal items they sell are, shampoos, toothpastes, deodorants, lotions and shaving products. Other merchandies, like underwear, shoes, pants, headphones, clocks and watches are also available for purchase.


The company, which is led by its president, Thomas Keefe, first started in the correctional market by selling packets of single-serve coffee to a prison in Florida. They went on to start selling their products full-time to correctional commissaries, later becoming one of the leading providers of food, personal, electronic, and clothing items to prison facilities all over the country.


Their Access Securepak Program is designed to make sure that no contraband makes it into the prison along with the care packages that the inmates’ families and friends may send to them. This is an effective program to have in place due to the fact that there are now more inmates and their families ordering packages from this service.


The prison and county jail commissaries business is a very lucrative one, usually bringing in about $1.6 billion a year from its sales. Since more of these types of correctional facilities have started outsourcing their commissary services to businesses like the Keefe Group, the company has continued to have steady financial growth.


The Keefe Group, which is owned by Andrew Taylor, who is its Executive Chairman, and by his father, Jack Taylor, is one of the top 3 companies in the prison commissaries market. The other two are, Trinity and Aramark, but Keefe has maintained its position in the market by being able to stay competitive in its bidding on prison commissary outsourcing production opportunities. That’s probably part of the reason why the Trinity Services Group initiated a merger with them a year ago, because together, those two companies could almost completely eliminate the only other competition they have.