Keefe Group, An authority in the large correctional market

Keefe Group is a company that offers different services to correctional facilities and to inmates. Keefe Group is well known for providing quality services and products such as telecommunication, personal care products, food products, software as well as technological solutions to all correctional amenities. In the year 1975 the company started and has grown to become the correctional industry leader all over the country. It has been serving the facilities and has lead to the invention and development of cutting edge technology services, provision of high quality products trying to fulfill all the inmate needs nationwide. Keefe Group packs its products with clear packaging bags to ensure no illegal products are supplied to the prisoners in all facilities.

Secret behind the firm’s Success

According to STL Today, the company has enough experience on how to go about complex matters that occurs in the facilities. Keefe Group has been serving the correctional industry for more than 40 years. Keefe Group provides private label products to correctional facilities; federal jails as well as notable public safety foundations just to mention a few. Different prisons are served differently according to their sizes and scope. The customer service department is well organized with trained personnel and well equipped to cater for all clients needs. Calls from customers are professionally answered and on time. The company aims to make lives in the facility better to all prisoners. Keefe Group has its amenities that work together to see all facilities are a better place for inmates. The partners are IC Solutions, Access Corrections, Keefe Supply Company, Access Securepak and Advance Technologies. This subsidiaries help to give services such as; exceptional packaging, price stability services and shipping.


The firm supports international and national organizations with different services and products. The firm had funded an organization known as National Sheriff Association. This conference was held in Minneapolis Minnesota where Keefe Group launched its advanced vending machine. This firm has faced challenges on its way to success but it persevered by working together. The services providers from Keefe Group are well trained, insured, determined and work hard to attain the goal of the company.

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