Keefe Group: A Leader in Inmate Communications

Keefe Group is a market leader when it comes to the supply of; software solutions, telecommunications solutions, technological devices, clothing, electronics, personal care products, and food products to correctional facilities. The company has six major affiliates that include; Advanced Technologies Group, ICSolutions, Access Corrections, Access Securepak, Keefe Commissary Network, and Keefe Supply Company. Keefe has been serving the correctional market since 1975, and was the pioneer company in coming up with technology services packaging and products that meet the unique needs of correctional facilities across the country. For instance, the company eliminated the security threat associated with glass and metal containers by offering pouch-packaged seafood to correctional facilities.

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Keefe’s head office is located St. Louis, Missouri. Apart from the headquarters, the company has ten regional service centers and seven distribution centers. Keffee’s number one priority is to come up with innovative services and products for its clients and guarantee maximum customer satisfaction. The company packages private-label products and a variety of name brands at its manufacturing facility. Keefe has been able to revolutionize the various services in correctional facilities such as; entertainment for inmates, financial transactions, as well as the flow of information and communication. Contraband has been eliminated from correctional facilities by the top-quality products, which are supplied in care products through the Access Securepak Program. Family and friends can send inmates important times such as; electronics, shoes, clothing, personal care products, and food through Access Securepak, which as a one-stop shop. Keefe Group considers offering convenience, flexibility and security as one of its major priority.

ICSolutions’’ Services and Products

ICSolutions is a subsidiary of Keefe Group that offers exceptional customer service and innovative communications products to correctional facilities. The subsidiary was established in 2003 and serves more than 200 correctional facilities. ICSolutions serves all categories of correction facilities including; city jails, county jails, and regional jails. The subsidiary provides correctional facilities with call processing platforms that have highly advanced investigative tools, features, and capabilities. The platforms come with numerous benefits such as increased revenues for correctional facilities, greater customer satisfaction, and more inmate calling. Every new installation is planned and coordinated by ICSolution’s team of experienced personnel.

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