Inmates And Their Families Using Global Tel-Link Because They Have No Other Choice

I was surprised to see a website asking for participants in a class action suit against Global Tel-Link (GTL) that called for information from people who used the company’s inmate calling services to connect with a loved one in a California jail or prison. I had heard about the FCC’s decision to limit the rate for calls to 25 cents per minute, however, I didn’t realize that it only applied to interstate calls, not to intrastate phone calls. This hardly seems fair since it seems that inmates in California prisons would be making the majority of their calls to family that lived in California.


A press release in which GTL expressed concern at the new regulations made little sense. In a report by Law360, the company spokesperson said that inmates and their loved ones would have “the lowest quality of phone service or no phone service at all” because of the rate caps. Is GTL saying that they would lower the quality of their service, or are they implying that another carrier, one that would accept the lower rates, would take over their contracts?


The ACLU can’t imagine GTL providing service that is any worse than what they provide right now. Judging from the complaints posted online, people only use GTL because they have no other choice. To learn more, watch the YouTube video that explains the alleged wrong doings by Global Tel.