Telmate is a leading supplier of inmate communication systems. They have over 10 years’ experience in offering reliable and innovative technology that focuses on security, control, and efficiency. They offer their services to over 300 correctional facilities across the United States and Canada.


Telmate products

  • Inmate Communications- Creates communication between inmates’ friends and family through video visits, calls, photos and messaging.
  • Inmate Content– engage inmates positively with music, eBooks, games, and movies.
  • Control of facility- Maximize the facility control by capturing deep insights with their end to end investigator and administrative tools.
  • Operations of a facility- making facility become a model facility with paperless procedures, automated processes, workflow, and approvals.


Telmate uses kiosks, tablets, and phones as access points giving facilities overall control over their entire inmate communication network.


Telmate Guardian

Replaces the ankle bracelet, it is an ultra-modern smartphone with GPS solution for community corrections supervising offenders on pre-rail, probation, work release or parole. It captures information and biometrics such as voice samples and facial photos when installed. Guardian dashboard is installed free of charge by the offender directly into their personal phones and can be securely accessed through any standard web browser.


Cases against Telmate

There are numerous negative reviews customers airing their dissatisfaction on Telmate services. Their staffs have been accused of being untrained. Supervisors confusing customers, when they make an inquiry.


Securus Technologies Inc. a prison telecommunication has sued Telmate LLC accusing them of defamatory lies and false advertising about the chief executive officer and the company in an effort to lure away customers. The complaint claims Telmate violated the Lanham Act by its misleading statement regarding its success in an attempt to get potential clients sign up for contracts.


Telmate has been accused of using fake phones number to dupe customers into believing that Securus does not receive its calls while Telmate receives calls in the second ring. The suit is against the Telmate lie that they have offered inmate communications from 1988 and they only started it in 2005. Telmate lied about being awarded a contract with US Department of Homeland security branch. The contract was awarded to a different company that subcontracted Telmate.