IC Solutions: They Are Worthless

IC Solutions, the prepaid phone provider for inmates, is completely and utterly worthless. They are worthless because they do not what they say they are going to do on their website. They talk about allowing inmates to connect with those closest to them. Do these sound like happy customers to you? They sound like people that are very unhappy. They are on the website Pissed Consumer after all, so it tells the whole story on this company and what they stand for, day in and day out. They have not changed, and it does not appear like change is on the way with them. Why would they change in their minds? They are making money.


However, they need to change because they are making money in ways that are illegal, morally bankrupt, and just plain wrong. There is nothing positive or uplifting about stealing money from people that are just looking to speak to an inmate behind bars. There is also nothing positive about preventing the inmate from healing and getting better. After all, the inmate is just looking for a way out in this situation. When I say I mean out, I say they are looking to get out of prison for good behavior. They are not looking to escape prison. They know what they have done and they will stay in jail until they are allowed out.


However, the process can be made a lot easier with someone calling them, checking in on them, and making sure they are staying on the straight and narrow while in prison. They need a voice that knows them, understands them, and loves them, no matter what. They need a voice that will guide them and be there to show them where they have gone wrong and how to prevent it.