IC Solutions Provide Innovative Inmate Communication Solutions

IC Solutions is a leading jail phone services provider that enables inmates to keep in touch with their friends and family. The firm provides IT solutions for inmate management, right from the booking, to the final day of release. The services range from account creation, telephone services, voice and data messages, and real-time chatting via video streaming.

The following are some of the major services offered by IC Solutions:

Automated Information Line: This is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform hosted by the facility and gives automated phone response to questions frequently asked by inmates and family members. It is integrated with the Jail Management System (JMS) to retrieve updated inmate data like the amount of bond, upcoming court appearances, and the date of release.

Inmate Voicemail: The inmate telephone system enables family and friends to leave voice messages whenever the inmate cannot be reached. They can listen to the voicemail messages whenever they have access to the phone service.

Flexible Calling Options and Kiosks: IC Solutions also provide pocket-friendly calling options and kiosks designed to collect and secure money from new inmates.

Mobile and Online Deposit Services: The Company has provided secure platforms through which friends and family members can deposit money in the detainees’ accounts and increase their spendable cash.

IC Solutions Introduces Video Screens for Sangamon County Jail

The new contract between the Sangamon County Jail and IC Solutions has led to the introduction of more inmate visits, but over video screens. The initiative will earn the county at least $15,000 every month considering the prison population of 330. Since the calling rates will significantly drop, inmate calling rates could rise drastically. The firm will pay the county up to 80.1% in commission, compared to the 50% commission under the previous contract.

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