IC Solutions: No Compassion

Compassion is clearly something the world needs a lot more of in today’s day and age. However, it can be quite hard to find it from certain companies and certain people. If you are looking for compassion from IC Solutions, you are not going to find it anywhere. They don’t believe in it, it does not exist, and nothing that they practice tells a different story. They are totally and utterly heartless. They do not care for one second if someone is behind bars and they are in a bad situation. That means next to nothing to them. As a matter of fact, they only care in one shape and one form and that is money.They really get a kick out of seeing someone in a vulnerable state.

They are like a shark in the water and they see this as a chance to pounce on someone and really take them to town without having to worry about anything bad happening to them. They know they hold all of the power and the keys are in their pocket. That is exactly how they like it. For the inmates, they know the inmates need these phone calls more than anything. They are scared, feeling hopeless and helpless, and they need to hear a familiar voice that can calm them down and be there for them during one of the most challenging periods in their life.Because of this, they will do things such as charge high prices and really take advantage of their customers. This story made major headlines and it told the whole picture of what is happening with IC Solutions from a first-person’s perspective. This is the kind of story that I’m hoping gets out there for other people to read about and hear. That is how change occurs.