IC Solutions: It’s All A Front

When I took the time to look at the IC Solutions website and read the reviews on the company,it was two totally different stories. That tells me there is something really weird and strange going on with this company. On their Official Website, they portray this certain image and this certain vibe. I like to think I have a good feel for this sort of thing, and all of it just seemed phony and fake to me. I could read right through it. I’ve been around the block and I can tell when something is off and something does not smell right. You get a pit feeling in your stomach.That is exactly how I felt about IC Solutions. When I read the reviews, all of my concerns and fears proved to be one hundred and ten percent true.

After all, they are on Pissed Consumer, which are real people sharing real stories about their experience using IC Solutions in an attempt to reach an inmate in prison. It is hard to make that sort of thing up. These people are not just spinning a good yarn to get a headline. They are speaking from their heart. They have been burned and burned badly. Because of this, they want to alert others to what is going on within IC Solutions so maybe they can save someone else along the way.To me, the only way this gets fixed is if everyone teams up together and puts together a lawsuit against IC Solutions. This is the time to be strong and do something about it. When there is a bully out there like IC Solutions, it is important not to let them get away with this. If they think they can get away with it, it is bad news for everyone, as they will keep on doing it.