IC Solutions Has Changed the Way Inmates Communicate With Their Loved Ones

The world has consistently enjoyed evolution in the world of communication, largely because of the growth in technology. This evolution has given birth to video visitation, where inmates can communicate with their loved ones with the highest level of convenience. A while back, people were forced to drive for long distances to visit their loved ones in prison, but still, converse through a thick glass wall using a telephone.

Clearly, it made no sense for these people to waste money and time resources on the road or air, and still gets to communicate with the inmates in one of the most impersonal ways. Today, things are a lot better. Apart from the fact that individuals no longer have to travel all the way to the prison to see and talk with their loved ones through a thick glass wall, video visitation gives users an opportunity to get in touch as frequent as they can afford.

One such company that has become a darling of inmates and their loved ones is IC Solutions – a provider of inmate telephone service. The company exists to help you stay in touch with your friends or family members. The company provides products and services that allow efficient management of inmates – from booking, all the way to release. IC Solutions offers various ways of creating an account, buying telephone services, leaving voice messages, as well as real-time chatting via video visitation.

IC Solutions.com works with big telecommunication companies to provide inmate phone services. For instance, the company is contracted by Century Link, a large Louisiana-based telecommunication firm that offers inmate phone services to the 28 prisons located in the state.

Every company, whether newly established or one that has been around for a long time, usually has one or several problems – and IC Solutions is no exceptional. However, while IC Solutions has received complaints from some of its users, see pissedconsumer.com, the firm has several products/services that make the customer’s experience worthwhile. Some of these features include a round the clock customer service support, flexible calling options, an automated information line (that takes care of those frequently asked questions), kiosks (for collecting money from new inmates) and inmate voicemail system that alerts the inmates of a new message.