IC Solutions: Don’t Expect Human Beings

The people over at IC Solutions are not human beings. If they were human beings, they would not be conducting themselves in the fashion they are as a company. They are an inmate phone provider, which really holds a lot of power over the heads of both the inmates and the customers that wish to use the service, which is what makes the whole thing so frustrating for all parties involved. They have the chance to help people, be there for them, and make a true difference. Instead, they choose to use their platform to make money at the expense of the inmate.


In essence, they are exploiting people. There is someone behind bars that is mentally ill, fragile, and damaged. Instead of helping them up and being there for them, they are kicking them down while they are down. Not only that, they are taking the opportunity to take advantage of their friends, family, and loved ones. They know how much they wish to speak to them and how happy it would make them if they were able to do that. They still love them and miss them. Because of this, IC Solutions sees a chance to do something truly awful and capitalize on this.


They are goons, at the end of the day. They are looking to get a buck out of someone’s plight. It is not right, and it is not fair. It needs to be stopped immediately by someone with authority and someone that can come in and really put a scare into IC Solutions. It needs to happen for the sanity of the inmates and their families. They are looking to get out of prison without being killed, and the families want to live a worry-free life knowing the inmate is home and they can help them.