IC Solutions: Be Afraid

I don’t like to tell people to be afraid, but in certain cases, it would be a bad idea not to be afraid. Just because you are afraid, it does not mean you are giving up or throwing in the towel. It just means you are being self-aware of what is happening and you are proceeding with caution. I imagine anyone that has used IC Solutions would tell you the same exact thing, as they have history of IC Solutions to back it up. I always enjoy when people are brutally honest. That is the best way to be when dealing with this corrupt, shady, and underhanded inmate Phone Company. After all, now they are stealing from strangers.

Yes, you read that correctly. It was bad enough they were taking from people that were trying to use the product, but now they are going after random people with no affiliation to IC Solutions. Imagine if you woke up one day and you realized there was money missing from your account and a company you had never heard of before took it. It would be rather jarring and rather frightening to say the least.Upon further review, this individual tried to reach out to IC Solutions for some answers. I know I would want answers in this particular situation. IC Solutions told them they were using the service and they offered no refunds. It is good to see they are reasonable. Yes, that is sarcasm. There is nothing reasonable or logical about IC Solutions. They are not from this world. They are from another planet where they run the show the way they want to run it without even stopping to think about how it could get in the way of their business or a human life.