How Telmate is Empowering the Corrections Market and Community Through its Innovative Solutions and Outreach Programs

Telmate is a highly-reputable company that is on a mission to provide inmates access to informative content and efficient communications. The company is also geared towards lowering recidivism in the incarceration environment through its services and products. Telmate operates based on the fact that inmates are likely to cut ties with their criminal past when they frequently connect with their loved ones.


Organizational Structure


Telmate develops products and services that address the day-to-day challenges faced by correctional facilities. The company’s organizational structure revolves around the development of solutions that make connections affordable, efficient and straightforward. Telmate understands that correctional facilities pose great risks to prison staff and prisoners. To address this concern, the firm fearlessly focuses on innovations for keeping communities, inmates, and facilities safe. It also focuses on technologies that boost security and control in prison systems.


Community Service


Besides its focus on innovative technologies for inmates, Telmate has the interests of the community at heart. The firm honors and supports prolific figures in law enforcement agencies and prison systems through its outreach programs. Telmate Fallen Heroes, Telmate Cares, as well as Telmate Heroes are among its prestigious outreach programs.


Services and Products


Within the incarceration environment, Telmate offers communication solutions such as videos visits, messaging and phone systems. The video visits allow prisoners to connect with the outside world through live video feed. The messaging service allows prisoners to send and receive audio, video or text files to and from the outside world. Phone systems installed in correctional facilities by Telmate facilitate voice calls between inmates and their acquaintances or family members.


Telmate recently rolled out the Telmate Tablet, which is a secure, innovative and productive education delivery tool. The tablet seeks to avail educational materials to inmates in soft copy. It also comprises of self-directed educational models aimed at equipping prisoners with life skills and knowledge. The tablet also comprises of a flexible platform and Internet access feature.


Telmate discovered that when prisoners access educational materials, their recidivism decreases by 40 percent. Other benefits of the tablet include life skills training, continued learning and increased security. Learning materials for the Telmate Tablet can be provided by inmates’ friends or family, the facility and well-wishers.