High Cost of Inmate Phone Calls is True Crime for Many

There’s such a thing in this world known as human rights, and when it comes to those serving time behind bars, they too, deserve to be treated with the proper basics while incarcerated.


The bizarre high cost of inmate phone calls is one aspect that keeps spinning out of control, even as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently put a cap on it.


As most people understand, communication is the lifeblood for an inmate and his or her family. Whether that boils down to phone calls, video visits or emails, those behind bars wait for that conversation and opportunity to say hello and catch up. Communication in the jail and prison worlds means a lot to an inmate’s morale, and it is essential to those families on the outside who miss their loved one.


What’s even tougher these days, is that poor families are being shut out of the entire inmate communications aspect, because most cannot afford the extremely high price tag from the prison phone industry. This can have a negative impact on children, especially, who cannot communicate with their mother or father doing time, etc. For example, according to FindLaw.com, the big companies like Securus Technologies and Global Tel Link who connect inmates to the outside world, have challenged the FCC’s recent cap on calls.


The FCC realizes that the prison phone industry needs a major reform, but they’re also getting whacked at the state level in the way of law suits. Findlaw.com uses the state of Oklahoma to make its point. The locals there are fuming, because the cap is cutting into their commission payments. Oklahoma receives some $3 million a year from the prison communications companies, and to lose that whopping amount doesn’t sit pretty with the state.


Stay tuned. This isn’t over yet.