GTL Is On A Mission To Provide Safety Gadgets for Inmate’s Communications

In 1980, Global Tel-Link was established. The major purpose for establishing this company was to provide unmatched communications solutions to inmates and their administrators. Until now, success has been the key defining word for this company. GTL boasts of serving over 1,000 inmates across multiple corrections facilities. Perhaps that is why until now; the company has been receiving positive client feedback. GTL is also known for its tremendous input in securing inmates through cutting-edge communications gadgets.


Background data


One factor, however, that better defines GTL is its structural association with some of the leading software providers in the world. This association has solely contributed to the development of some of the most advanced communication gadgets in prisons. For example, GTL recently announced the launch of Inspire Tablet. This is a communication gadget that seeks to disseminate knowledge to inmates. Through this gadget, GTL has been offering inmates the opportunity to enjoy better, learning experiences. Inspire Tablets are not only easy to operate but also have a clear focus on ensuring that inmates interact with the actual world of current affairs.


Services provided


GTL is known as a renowned company that offers exceptional expertise that is appended to integrating multiple vendors in various correctional facilities. The company has successfully integrated numerous systems in jail management. Through experience and high-profile networking contacts, GTL have managed to ensure a viable, smooth integration process. The company’s project and implementation teams have solely handled numerous large accounts while integrating them with their respective databases.


The conclusion


What makes GTL claim its leading position is defined by its mechanism of operating. The company offers multiple payment options to inmates. These options come in secure channels that accommodate every inmate despite their geographical location across the country. GTL’s security features are linked to empowering clients to carry out database mining on prisoners through detail reporting and multi-channel recording.