Global Tel Link Rates Continue to Rise

A few years ago, one of the most popular entertainment programs available was the Serial podcast. In this podcast, each episode started with a phone call between an inmate of a prison and a reporter. Each call also stated that it was brought and transmitted by Global Tel Link.

While this did provide Global Tel Link with some free publicity, it also has opened the public’s eye and continued the discussion about excess phone call charges being assessed to inmates. Overall, there were over 40 hours of phone calls made between the inmate and the reporter. It has been estimated that these calls could have cost the inmate, or the reporter, over $2,500. The estimate is based on the excessive maximum rate charged today, which is nearly $1 per minute. This is compared to most phone plans today that offer unlimited outbound and inbound calls at much lower overall rates.

These excessive rates have impacted inmates across the country. According to, today, facilities that are served by Global Tel Link and other similar companies are making it nearly impossible for inmates to stay connected at an affordable price. While there has been a lot of scrutiny over this practice, not much has been done to stop or slow the increased costs. The FCC has made over-charging illegal for inter-state calls, but they have done very little for calls made within the same state.

The strong profits have allowed the phone call providers to make a lot of money and build very valuable businesses. Global Tel Link was recently acquired by a private equity firm for over $1 billion and rates have continued to increase since that acquisition. At this point, it remains to be seen what individual states and facilities will do to try and reduce the over-charging.

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