Global Tel-Link Quality Services to Correctional Facilities

Global Tel Link is an American telecommunication company providing Inmate Calling Service. It also specializes in providing education solutions to inmates and payment services for the government. The educational services assists in rehabilitating the inmates. The calling service, on the other hand, is a cohesive information technology solutions offered primarily to correctional services. The services include inmates deposit and payment, management of facilities and visitation solutions.


The company was founded in 1980 and was initially called Global Telcoin Incorporation and Global Tel*Link Corporation. It changed its name to Global Tel Link in 1999. The company has its headquarters in Reston, Virginia State. The company has additional regional branches in Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Indiana, and California.


Global Tel-Link Corporation is a major player in the industry alongside Securus Technologies. Global Tel-Link is in charge of nearly 50% of the industry for correctional facilities. It was sold to the American Securities, a private firm based in New York in 2011 for $1 billion. In 2014, the company announced that it reached its highest record of 2.5 prison million calls. The calls totaled to three billion minutes.


Apart from providing calling services, GTL also provides correctional education. The educational training services reduce the reoffending rates among the inmates. The company’s Learning Management System (LMS), offers training opportunities to the various groups of the inmates including juvenile offenders, parolees, inmates employed in prison industries and probationers among others.


Global Tel-Link offers its correctional and technology services to at least 2,300 facilities with over 1.8 million inmates across 50 states in the United States of America. The company is governed by a group of elite professionals. Brian Oliver is the CEO of the company in charge of all the executive duties. The president of the company is Jeffrey Haidinger who is also its Chief Operating Officer.