Global Tel-Link (GTL) Provides Integrated Technology Solutions for Unmatched Control

Over the years, various groups have been advocating for the reduction of inmate phone call rates in the country. Most inmate phone call providers charge sky-high inmate phone call rates. Unlike other people in the country, inmates have no control of their phone call service providers. In June this year, Davidson County (Tennessee) Sheriff Daron Hall announced the end of negotiations with Global Tel-Link on instigating some of the lowest phone call charges in the country’s prisons and the lowest in Davidson County correctional facilities.
Decreasing the financial burden on families and inmates is important in making sure inmates receive community support which is a key element in minimizing the rates of recidivism. Research repeatedly demonstrates that increased connection between inmates and their loved ones assists in maintaining community ties that are imperative in minimizing the possibility of recidivism. Sheriff Hall commended the partnership with GTL saying that it has proven to be a great partner by ensuring his County gets the necessary services while attaining the objective of helping inmate families.

Global Tel-Link is capping on inmate phone call rates as proposed by the FCC. The company aims to reduce inmate phone call rates while at the same time maintain high-quality phone services, technology, and security. For approximately 25 years, Global Tel link has been a trusted source for integrated technology solutions for the corrections industry. GTL provides unmatched communications, inmate telephone and payment systems. The company provides jail phone services for inmates as well as their family and friends.

Before being the leading provider of integrated corrections technology for correctional facilities in the country, GTL began as a correctional telecommunications services provider. The company provided both control and a reliable source of income to assist in improving budgets. The company later expanded its outreach and service offering by developing and incorporating the most powerful solutions in communication, commerce, and control. Visit YouTube for more info on GTL. Also read the review made by about GTL.