Global Tel-Link Connects Families and Inmates For Less Money

Did you know that when an inmate makes a phone call to someone on the outside, a small 15 minute conversation can cost upwards of 15 dollars. That is a dollar a minute. When you are incarcerated, the importance of staying in touch with others is important to keep those on the inside informed about what is happening on the outside.


The rising cost of making calls inside of jail facilities is bankrupting families and friends on the outside. The cost associated with calling home is higher in some areas more than in others. By using a company outside of the prison to make phone calls, the cost of calls is lowered. This is especially important for families and friends who are limited on income.


The cost of phone calls being made in prison should not cost so much that those on the outside are forced to cut off communication with the inmates because of the cost. There are ways to cut this cost down by signing up for phone rights through companies like Global Tel-Link.


The purpose of this company is to help cut back on the cost of all calls being made outside of the prison or jails. The cost is not only decreased which helps the inmate but it also saves all calls being made. Each time the phone is used with Global, the phone call is being recorded. This helps to make sure that the right information is used for cases involving inmates. It also works to help to keep inmate crimes down.


Through the use of phone calls, inmates are better behaved and are greeted with more privileges due to the good behavior. The good behavior will also impact how the inmate will behave when they are finally released and return back to the outside world. It is vital for success in inmates who hope to live a crime free life once released.