Global Tel Link Concerned Over FCC Proposed Decision on Inmate Calling Services

I read that Global Tel Link (GTL) expressed its dismay and also concerns about the proposed new regulations by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) on inmate calling services. I learnt that these new regulations sought to bring about caps on fees and rates for inter and intrastate calls but do not cap the site commissions. It is as if they are meant to strongly discourage payments to the facility administrators.

This steps as I read on Consumer Affairs will create a financial instability in this industry and it will consequently threaten the services offered at the smaller jails in the nation. GTL has no choice apart from seeking a judicial review of the order by ACLU and FCC. GTL is in agreement with the views of the dissenting commissioners and encouraged all the industry shareholders to join hands and challenge the plan that intends well but it is short-sighted as it is. Brian Oliver, the GTL CEO, stated that the decision by FCC could end up hurting the very same people it intends to help (the inmates and their families). They could end up contending with low quality phone calls or no telephone services at all. GTL is advocating for an approach that is balanced in the effort to reduce the calling rates by addressing the fees, rates and commissions comprehensively.

About Global Tel Link

GTL is one of the top providers of integrated technological solutions for correctional facilities. The company focuses on delivering security, ease of operation and financial value to its customers through solutions and visionary products that are at the forefront of corrections modernism. GTL is a trusted industry leader in the corrections industry and offers services to over half of the inmates nationwide, 33 state corrections departments, District of Puerto Rico, Columbia and 33 of the largest county facilities. The headquarters of GTL are in Reston, Virginia and it has over 10 regional offices spread across the country.