Global Tel: FCC Rates are Unfair

Global Tel is among the companies that were introduced into the market recently so that they could serve the inmates who are serving their terms in jail. The company has been offering the inmates both technology and communication platforms, it has been so successful in the private sector. The company management has been instrumental in the successful GTL has been experiencing in the recent times. According to a recent report, consumers say that they love the quality services they receive from the private firm.


Although the company has won the hearts of the inmates in the United States, it is currently experiencing some problems. Not long ago, the top management announced that the company was upset about the new rates that were being proposed by FCC. According to the management, the rates are unjustified, and they are not fair to the company owners who have been spending billions just to make sure that they offer the inmates the best services. Despite these challenges, the company has been doing quite well.


Global Tel is now calling on all the companies serving in the private industry to join hands and present a case in court so that they can dismiss the rates that are issued by the FCC. The institution believes that if these rates are implemented, the inmates will have a rough time trying to communicate with their families and loved ones who are not close by. Without communication, the prisoners will never get the experience they deserve.


FCC, on its defense, states that the rates the private companies have been charging the inmates is too high and unaffordable to the people who are living in the prisons. For the people who are living outside the prison facilities, the rates are way cheaper and affordable to the communities. This is why the companies in the communication sector should reduce the cost of making calls to the inmates.