Find Out How Global Tel-Link Works Today

Global Tel-Link has been around for over 20 years leading the industry in top inmate phone services. Each year they are responsible for processing over 2.5 billion calls for over thousands of inmates and their families. Their goal is to provide superior service next to none. A recent merger with JPay Services has created several new features that will save inmates and their families more money. Together they are quickly becoming the strongest inmate calling provider in the world. Each call is monitored and under proper surveillance with Securus. Federal law requires quality controlled monitoring. Read more about GTL on

Affordable Global Tel-Link Features

Advanced Pay

Talk all you want when inmates have access to the phone without the need of operator assisted calls. You’re essentially paying your account forward for future calls from an inmate. This option is available to both inmates and their families. Inmates purchase prepaid calling features through their commissary. Their family members have the option of creating an account online or over the phone.

Video Chatting

Video chatting is one of the most popular features offered by Global Tel-Link and this feature will allow inmates and their families to talk face-to-face. You minimize the amount of time you would have to spend commuting to a facility for visits.

Telephone Debit

Pay your account over the phone. Sometimes trying to find an authorized agent can be a nightmare. Living in a rural area can be limited and force you to have to use traditional inmate calling features. However, when you pay in advance you eliminate the need for an operator. Don’t let pricey operator calls stop you from staying connected with your loved ones. Global Tel-Link strives to bring you optimized services when you want to stay connected to your loved ones fast. For more info see

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