Family Phone Calls Keep Connections Strong With Inmates

The fact is that a prison inmate might lose touch with their family without some means of communication to keep them in touch with the daily life of their family. This is especially true for inmates that are incarcerated hundreds or thousands of miles away from their family members. Certainly, keeping lines of communication open with the family provides several benefits for all involved. Kids and spouses are able to maintain a regular relationship and communication with the prisoner. In addition, inmates that have a loving, supporting family that they communicate with on a regular basis tend to adapt better to outside life, once released.


Communication Is Important

Leading insiders state that communication is crucial between families and inmates. Communication helps kids adjust to their parent’s incarceration by reducing the trauma experienced at the separation. One insider strongly believes that allowing prisoners to keep in contact with outside family members helps them to walk a straight and narrow path, once they are released. Families in Louisiana pay millions per year for those important telephone calls. It should be noted that it is not required by law in Louisiana and other states to provide telephone service for prisoners. Consequently, the higher rates for phone calls are necessary to meet the high demand for advanced telephone features like voice recognition and call forwarding detection.