Dropped Calls

When I talk to my husband in jail, there is sometimes static on the line, and it sometimes sounds like there is someone trying to listen to our conversations. It doesn’t happen with every call, but when it does, the call is lost. I’ve called Global Tel, the company that the jail works with so that inmates can call home, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs3WHNzOcj4, and the representative told me that a three-way call was detected and that it was the reason why the call was dropped. The representative also told me that it was my fault, so not only did I lose time talking to my husband, but I also lost money for the call that I can’t get back.

This company as reported by NY Times doesn’t understand that cell phones sometimes have lousy reception. It doesn’t understand that there are times when the connection isn’t ideal in the jail, which can cause static on the phone. These are the reasons as to why Global Tel Link is one of the worst phone companies to deal with. I’m glad my husband only has a short time left because I can’t keep losing money with calls that are cut off all of the time. Hopefully, I can get some kind of refund for the money that I’ve lost at some point.

Read More: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/global-tel-link-gtl-issues-inaccurate-press-release–securus-corrects-inaccuracies-300264749.html