Creating a New Wave In Inmate Technology Through Keefe Group’s Solutions

Founded in 1975, Keefe Group is a firm that provides technological products and services packaged exclusively for correctional facilities. Keefe Group also tailors these products to suit each and every correctional facility according to their specifications and suitability. Keefe Group works through various affiliates to provide telecommunication and software solutions to the correctional market. Keefe Commissionary Network, Advanced Technologies Group, Access SecurePak and ICSolutions are some of these subsidiaries.


Advanced Technologies Group LLC (ATG), which is one of Keefe Group’s subsidiaries, is a firm that has been running for 15 years and comes up with and supports software solutions. These software solutions are tailored to assist federal and state correctional facilities to run their operations efficiently. They are also made in a bid to help inmates become better people, self-reliant and well prepared to re-integrate into society once they are out.


Advanced Technologies Group LLC, is endowed with a great team that has experience and expertise in the field and thoroughly understand how to manage agency operations. Advanced Technologies Group LLC, has over the years been able to successfully customize and implement the systems for every customer they serve. This is because the solutions are they offer are always on time and pocket-friendly. Most importantly the solutions, are made to fully satisfy the needs of the end user who in this case is the customer. One key software developed by Advanced Technologies Group LLC is the Offender Management Suite. Using this portal, an entire correctional facility’s service can be run and operated efficiently.


According to Keefe Group Official Website has been running the ICSolutions Advanced Technology since 2003 and currently serves more than 200 correctional facilities. ICSolutions is simply a firm that provides innovative telecommunications services and customer service to inmates in correctional facilities. Call and Funding Alert, Voice Biometrics, and Inmate Banking are some of the services offered by ICSolutions. These services are deployed to state, county, regional and city jails across the United States of America.


Customer satisfaction is the top priority of ICSolutions no matter which product or service the customer uses. ICSolutions has highly experienced personnel who ensure that each and every system runs smoothly. It also has a nation wide network of technicians and live technical support available 24/7 to listen and respond to any problem that may arise. Keefe Group, through ICSolutions also ensures that all their clients have the latest software by offering free upgrades.