Concession Fees Are Keeping Our Inmate’s Families Impoverished

For many years different prison-rights groups and those who are close to the imprisoned person have been complaining about the cost of phone calls to those who are in prison. Its considerably unregulated and finally the Federal Communications Commission has decided to start investigating into it.

Outside of prison the average phone call costs about $0.44 cents a minute but making a phone call to an inmate can be around $1.22 per minute. These telephone companies sign contracts with prisons and share a commission (called concession fees) with the prison system so they can be the only telephone provider available on site. With no competition they can increase the rate of phone calls as high as they would like. The largest telephone companies that provide services to prisons and other government offices are Global Tel-Link Corp. and Securus Technologies.


The F.C.C. has released that in 2013 the concession fees paid to prisons reached $460 million dollars. These telephone companies that do compete for the prisons service are competing over commission prices. Global Tel Link has their hands on approximately 50% of the prisons in the United States. In 2011 the company was sold for $1 Billion dollars.

The F.C.C. has to decide whether to put a limit or a ban on concession fees. Companies like Global Tel-Link Corp. are making profits off of people who are finding themselves in defenseless situations. One family member of an inmate quotes spending over $3,000 on phone bills in one month just to keep in contact and discuss legal matters. The concession fees are causing harm to those who haven’t broken the law by draining them of all their funds. Some family members of inmates don’t get to speak because they simply cannot afford it. Read more reviews at

Global Tel-Link and Securus have stated that if the calls rate cap falls below $0.20 cents a minute they will lose the ability to run their business. Prisoner Advocates disagree and believe the calls rate cap can drop to $0.07 cents a minute and still allow room for profit.

Global Tel-Link and Securus are businesses ran on the intention of making profit off of those in limited and low-income situations. Watch this video on Youtube.