Communication made better for the inmates by the Global Tel-Link

The question is why do inmates phone calls have to expensive? The people that will make the decision when it comes to the calls is the detention centers and the phone companies. The detention center chooses businesses that will be able to give them the highest commission not caring about the quality of the services that they will get. The correctional center has tried to justify what they do saying that the top fee is needed because it will help with running the facilities and keep the peace. Until the mid-1990s, the cost of the inmates was the same as the call from outside. But that changed after the correctional center realized how much they could make if the commission were high.

Global Tel-Link had to intervene. Global Tel-Link has been offering their services to more than 85% of the inmates in the United States, and the Global Tel-Links control 50% of the phone industries in the United States. In 1989, that was when the Global Tel-Link was founded, and it’s located in Reston. The company has employed 501 to 1000 employees. It offers its services to correction centers that are more than 30.

Global Tel-Link has seen the situation that so many inmates are facing when they want to call some of their family members, and they can’t afford the charges. They understand that so many inmates will come from a family that’s maybe depending on a meager income and to add the inmates call on them will be a burden. So they have done some measures in reducing the cost. They have worked with the correctional department in coming up with a way that the commission will be reduced. And since they opened they have been able to make some of the changes in the field that will benefit the inmates.