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Keefe Group: Who Can You Trust?

When you are in prison, you are often at the mercy of the guards and depending on the guards, you can find yourself in a bad way. There is also something that is known as a power trip. Lots of guard get a stick and they think they can wield their power around and do whatever they want without having to face the piper or any consequences. They think they can do whatever they feel like whenever they feel like. However, with more and more people speaking out, they are finally being caught, and I have to say it is about time and it should have happened a lot sooner.

There is also corruption when it comes to two businessmen in Gainesville who in a report on recently came out and admitted that they paid bribes to state prison officials and officers of Keane, which is a company that provides snacks and other items to inmates. The two men teamed up back in 2004 to provide services for visitors in Florida prisons and to make a profit off of it. In addition to that, they were going to give some of their earnings to Keefe Group Commissary president Jack Donnelly and another Keefe executive of $260,000, as they expected to make up to $1.5 million a year from this.

Now, I understand that not a lot of people are going to have compassion for inmates but to take advantage of those that come to visit them, this is corruption at its highest level and it is simply sickening. Thankfully, they are paying for it now, and they aren’t getting away with it anymore. However, it does make you question how often things like this occur and how many are hidden from the public eye and go unnoticed. Hopefully this will keep people away from participating in such ventures.

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Global Tel Link Consumer Review

PCS and the Global Tel link are one and the same things when it comes to overcharging the prisons inmate’s calls in their payphones. Global Tel Link has a tendency to tell you that PCS is a fraudulent company as well as PCS says that Global Tel Link is a fraudulent company. This is not, however, the case. Both companies are fraudulent and act a blame game, they all dishonest as they are blaming each other. Both companies have acted unlawfully for all their customers. According to PR, this is because when you use GTL to call an inmate, you will be overcharged and there will be a hidden fee when-when the phone is not picked.
In one short phone call, you put money in the phone ad all of it is gone in one instance of a quick call, and they will demand more money immediately. You will be forced to add money to the phone and call the same day. One client put money to the call and never made a call and demanded his money out. They called him and threatened him asking why he cancelled the calls. They said that as a consumed, he never had the right to cancel the call. GTL has always pretended to save you but in the real sense, they are eating your back. More info on the Consumerist website.

GTL has been one of the most expensive fraud that I there on the market today. It is more fraudulent and more expensive than PCS, reveals This because it is a monopoly to that kind of business and can make any amount it wants from customers. It is high time that we find someone to deal with this issue. I feel that they can increase the charges more and more and become more fraudulent as they have no one to regulate them.

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How Do I Offer IC Solutions To My Clients?

I have clients who have been trying to get in touch with family for a long time, and sometimes they realize that these people might be in jail. The only way for them to get the results that they need is to make a call with IC Solutions, and I have been telling people to use IC Solutions because they can get in touch with people pretty easily. It is a service that allows you to pick out the person that you want to talk to, and then you can get connected to them without much of a problem.

I am sure that I will be able to get people on the phone if we just search for them through the IC Solutions system, and I have seen people talk to long lost family for the first time. It is really nice to see the looks on their faces, and I know that I am really making a change in their lives. There are a lot of people who can use this system to just to find someone, and it is very important that these people keep up the search for the people who have left their lives. Sometimes this is the only way to find them.

The IC team helps people make sure that they are going to have a chance to get someone on the phone, and the only way to be sure of this is to call using their system. The system helps people get in touch with their family and friends, and shows them that they can have a real talk with someone that they love. I know a lot of people are going to need this system, and I have been thanked many times over just because I had access to the IC Solutions call system.

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Cons about Global Tel-link (GTL); the leading Inmate Call Company (ICC)

The right to communicate should be available to everyone. That does not mean communication companies should take advantage of this need to charge higher rates for calls. GTL has been recently in the headlines for performing unlawful acts. The company provides calls from many cells all over the country. Though their rates are termed to be a bit higher, the quality of their services is better as compared to other similar service providers. This article is a guide on the various issues Global Tel-link has had to deal with over the years it has been operational.

Regulation set by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC)

In a report by PR Newswire, the Federal Communication Commission ordered that there be regulations laid down for all Inmate Calling Services industry. The regulations were meant to establish caps on rates and fees for Intra- and interstate calls. FCC’s order is set to reduce rates on calls. The plan will adversely affect communication between inmates and their family as the rates set by the regulation is unacceptable by most call service providers. It will affect the smaller jails all over the country. Global Tel-link Company will seek review of the FCC order.

Prison Collect Calls

Collect calls may include inmates contacting their attorney and family. There have been many complaints filed by inmates and their family against Global Tel-link Company. There are hidden fees and very high rates. Some of the complaints filed against the company include:
1. Phones start billing accounts before picking the calls
2. Addition of illegal surcharges on each phone call
3. Charging an extra fee on re-connection of calls they have dropped themselves
4. Billing similar calls more than once

According to Bloomberg News, it is evident that GTL has a history of unlawful and illegal undertaking that has been affecting most families having loved once in prisons. That should be addressed as soon as possible.


The cost of Inmate phone calls is outrageous

Many people in America have loved ones in prison. Their loved one is locked away, but they have to suffer as well. They are limited to when they can visit, and how they can contact their loved ones. Many loved ones are shocked as to how expensive staying in touch can be.

A recent article in News Press, explored inmate phone calls. The cost of prisoner phone calls has long been an issue for prisoner rights groups. Calls are paid for by either inmates or family members, and they can cost as much as a $1 a minute. Some companies have even emerged to cut the cost of prison phone calls. These firms use VOIP to cut the cost of calls. Unfortunately, there are not nearly enough firms looking to fight the high cost of phone calls.

ConCallsHome is one company that wants to change the cost of inmate calls. They know that 2.7 million children have at least one parent that is prions, and they want to make communication between parent and child easier. They utilize VOIP to make the calls cheaper, but they are not in every prison, so some family members have to resort to desperate measures.

The regulations on prisoner phone calls are passed by the FCC, but they vary based on where you are located. In most cases, the further away you are, the more your call costs. Some family members have changed their area code, so they have less to pay. This desperate measure can save as much as $20 a call.

GTL is a leading prison communications firm. They are known for overcharging their customers, and they are fighting regulation at every turn. The FCC will struggle to regulate GTL, so other firms are having to act. Securus has sent out several press releases warnings about GTL’s dangerous actions.