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Communication Made Better with Telmate

Telmate is an organization that was established in 1998 for the sole purpose of inmate technology provision. As inmate technology experts, Telmate has an undertaking to provide safe technology that sanctions inmates to repeal the ferocious cycle of recidivism. Telmate was formerly known as Pinnacle Public Services, and they rendered exceptional services accompanied by free installation to most top inmate communications solution providers in the entire Northwest region. Telmate discovered that the industry was in need of a first rate inmate communication solution; one providing cutting-edge technology and top security along with a prompt customer service.


Telmate’s innovative solutions are made to provide for the dynamic needs of correctional facilities while boosting the efficiency of operations. It is ranked one of the top inmate telecom providers in North America and is deployed across three hundred correctional facilities throughout the North American region. It is also fanned across most of the U.S. states inclusive of a few Canadian provinces.


Telmate has experienced a tremendous amount of growth since they started out and this has been as a result of the great relationship they have managed to maintain with their customers. They are very time cautious and aim to deliver uncut results as their future relies on their clients. They believe that their customers are their number one marketers and it is through them that they get the opportunity to grow their client base. They offer services to facilities of all kinds, be it federal detention centers, county correctional facilities, city jails, holding cells, or even state DOC. The great relationship they have with their customers drives them to deliver top notch results as they believe their performance if they get to retain their clients.


Telmate’s major solution is their all digital phone system. This phone system is designed to help inmates connect while maintaining safety in the facility. All their systems operate on voice over Internet Protocol technology, and their straightforward administration system is fully web-based easing daily operations. They pride themselves on providing great solutions, cutting-edge telephones as well as a wide range of housing options.


Telmates notion of reducing recidivism acts as inspiration for them to supply inmates with inexpensive communications technology to enable them maintain communication with the outside world. They take it upon themselves to intensify control, enhance security and operational efficiency while assisting in the protection of the local community they serve. Telmate is hell-bent on delivering fast results irrespective of the challenge in question. With a group comprising of reasonable and optimistic employees whose ideas and inspiration provide limitless opportunities, Telmate is committed to enhancements in all their implementations both as a company and as individuals.


Inmate Telecommunication

Patients require our love, and one way of expressing this love is through frequent communication with those behind bars. Telmate is an innovative inmate telecom provider that specializes in patient communications, provision of inmate content, facility operation and service control through tablets, phones, and kiosks access points. The firm was founded in 1998, and initially, it was Pinnacle Public Services before it rebranded to Telmate.


It was providing installation services to established inmate communication solution providers in the United States of America. Currently, the firm has expanded its operations to Canada and provides solution services to various correctional facilities ranging from city jails, holding cells, federal detention centers, and county correctional centers. Through inmate communication service, the firm offers monitored communication to enhance security through the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. Inmate content services ensure that idle time is used productively through the provision of educational games, music, and movies.


This service is provided through secure a tablet which limits inmates’ access to open the internet. The facility control service provides an administrative hub that enables the staff to monitor and control every user, action, service, and device thus inmate records, visits, calls and investigator tools can be accessed by the correctional facility staff. The service operations product ensures comfortable sharing of digital documents with the inmates making the distribution of records paperless.


Telmate also launched a community correction service under the name Telmate Guardian.This software enables correction personnel to monitor criminals on probation, parole, and pretrial. The software captures biometrics such voice, facial photos samples, and the offender’s location when installing on a smartphone or a tablet. It enables case managers to know what the offenders are doing.


Telmate currently serves around 300 correctional facilities in Canada and North America where it covers almost all the United States of America states. Due to its innovative, excellent and customer oriented services, the firm has been recognized as a leading inmate telecom providers like their competitors. Although there have been issues with the prison phone industry ranging from the high calling rates, conflict of interest in awarding of contracts, scammers and account authorization, Telmate has always responded promptly to customer complaints and resolved pending issues.

Telmate is a Communications Program That is Offering Inmates Opportunities of Staying Connected To Their Family and Friends From Back Home

In the very center of the communicative program of Telmate solution is a digital phone system that is totally industry leading and has been engineered and designed to assist inmates with keeping facilities safe and connected. The system is totally operated on a VoIP technology over an administration system that’s easy-to-use, is fully web-based, and making operations that occur on a day to day basis simple.


Telmate prides themselves on having an ability of tailoring solutions that are customized and offering their communications through telephones that are considered to be state-of-the-art, including both short and long body corrections of grade phones, cordless phones, TTY/TDD phones, and cordless suicide phones.


A one touch call acceptance allows family and friends to participate in abilities of accepting every inmate communications by pressing a single button. The system is the online one that’s allowing individuals who are incarcerated to leave voicemail for their family and friends. Family and friends are capable of depositing funds for inmates via a mobile app for iPhone and Android, through a live operator, and in kiosks. Telmate is supporting calls to Google Voice, Skype, mobile phones, and international numbers.


Telmate is a form of communications for inmates that’s allowing inmates to fully communicate with those that they want to from back home in a safe, secure, and clear way. What many people aren’t necessarily understanding is that visitation methods for inmates and their visitors are not necessarily always considered to be easy. This is why systems such as one that’s provided by Telmate is one that is greatly appreciated by many people. By speaking with a customer service representative of the program of Telmate, you can obtain all of the information that you may need to begin utilizing the wonderfully designed system of communications. Please do not hesitate to go on the website, as there are many relevant details that can assist you in your endeavors of utilizing the brilliantly designed program that has been developed for all of its users to benefit from.


IC Solutions Comes as a Communication Relief to the Inmates

It’s interesting how we take thing for granted but once sniffed away from us we realize just how valuable they are and how privileged we were to have them. Freedom is one valuable thing one can have and no price can be traded off for it. Inmates are held within impassable bronze gates of prison where freedom is totally deprived of them. Traditionally, inmates used to experience harsh hard life in prison that can be best be explained as in human. However, from a recent visit I realized just how things have evolved, one of which caught my attention is the inmate communication solutions where they link with kiths and kins.

IC is a business telephone service provider whose jurisdiction extends to those in prison allowing them to keep close links with their loved ones. This has taken over contact visits with video, which is both insensitive and cruel since it cuts off face to face interaction. IC Solutions has a dedicated 24*7 welfare support system with provides the clientele with necessary assistance in regards to payments, billing issues, clarify issues and prepaid account setup. This means calls can be made in and out of prison anytime of the day.

IC Solutions is a full package that brings a homely feel to the convicts. Its offer a range of products among them; an automated information line, Inmate voicemail, the most popular, kiosks for money collection especially for new inmates, phone and web based deposit services and flexible calling options with favorable calling rates subject to some preset terms and conditions. This company offer 3 types of operational accounts namely; debit telephone- inmates can make calls once payment is done, Prepaid account-accepts call from a cell phone that on prepay airtime and collect calling- cost charged on the caller outside of the premises.

This ultimately a good offer to prisoner as the can keep in touch with their flocks on all matter, most importantly those that deal with welfare such as bookings and release. Although, the calls are monitored, at least its better than none mode of communication at all. Besides, considering all they have been blocked from, this a much appreciated facility. Read the company review at

Stay Connected With IC Solutions

IC Solutions is a communications company that allows inmates to contact their friends and relatives from jail. The company provides ( the ability to choose between a prepaid account that allows the account holder to receive calls, and a debit telephone account for the inmate to call any other non-restricted number. The account holder adds funds to one of these two accounts and the inmate is able to call without having to impose a collect call. Each call made incurs a connect fee, and then each minute is deducted at a reduced rate from the account. Before the call is live, the company notifies both inmate and account holder of the account balance and the incurred fee before connecting the call. Because neither the jail nor the inmate has access to sensitive banking or personal information, this type of third-party account for contacting inmates is ideal. With IC Solutions, the account holder adds funds to the prepaid or debit account, and then the company debits the account funds with each phone call. The company alerts both parties on the phone how many minutes have transpired for the duration of the call. The company has also implemented technology for video conferencing for inmates and their friends. In some jails around the country, this type of virtual visitation has replaced physical visitation for inmates. Get started with setting up an account here:

RipOffReport website says be prudent with an online search, however, as there are a plethora of fraudulent companies posing as the real IC Solutions.


IC Solutions Just Made Life a Little Easier

The last time that I went to prison I struggled to make sense of why I was trying such a long distance when there was another solution that friends had told me about. I heard people talking about IC Solutions, but I had not taken the time to look into it. I got stuck in my same old routine of driving one hour, one way to a prison each month for a visit that didn’t last more than 30 minutes. It was insane, but I was so busy that I didn’t have the time to correct my problem.
It wasn’t until my car broke down that I really decided to check what
IC Solutions had to offer. I would find myself looking at the best possible solution, and I discovered from that the video visitation app was the better route. I would be saving money by cutting out the expense of driving up to the prison. I would also find myself to be much more relaxed with this type of visitation. I went to the prison on a regular basis, but I have to say that I was never really fond of going. It was a bitter sweet situation that I was in. I loved to see my cousin that was locked away, but it was such a grueling process to get to the prison. It is not a nice environment, and this is understandably so when you consider where you are visiting. I always feared that some type of riot or hostage situation would break out the way that I see in prison movies.

All in all, the IC Solutions app has made my life a whole lot easier. I don’t stress over this anymore. Video visits are the way to go, and I appreciate the simplicity of it all. Read more about them on


Importance of Getting the Best Inmate Communication Agency

The inmates need love and care during the time that they are imprisoned. The family members should support them with guidance and counseling to ensure that they get transformed. Therefore, it is advisable to visit them regularly when the authorities allow them to be seen by friends and relatives. It is always good for the inmate to have excellent communication with his or her relatives and close allies. This encourages the prisoner and gives him or her hope of reuniting with them when the jail term ends. Family members and relatives find difficulties in having an efficient communication network that joins them with the loved ones who are imprisoned. These problems have been solved since there have emerged several technology companies that offer communication services between the loved ones and the inmate.

Tips on selecting the best inmate communication agency

The agency must be legally registered. It should have the certification of offering inmate communication services. It will enhance monitoring and supervision of the messages delivered to the inmates by their loved ones. The company should be well known by the government to prevent illegal deals through unauthorized communication agencies. For more information click on

The services of the company should be reliable and efficient. It should have an excellent communication system that does not encounter network problems all the time. It should be readily available to its clients. The customers should be served with great honor and dignity in the organization. Efficiency in their service delivery will enable them to win more customers.

Secures Technologies is one of the globally recognized company in dealing with inmate communications. It is a USA based company. Securus Technologies is a good company. Institutions that deal with the safety of the public, corrections and law enforcements rely on Securus Technologies to acquire high quality and effective services. The company’s technological solutions are powerful, easy to use and always accessible. The company offers communication services to the families of incarcerated people. They make sure that the family members are always in touch with their imprisoned loved ones. It works in collaboration with prison authorities and the government. People like their services because of efficiency.