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Global Tel-Link Prefers to Punish the Innocent

Global Tel-Link is a communications company that provides calling services for correctional institutions. The company last sold in 2011 for one billion dollars and controls fifty percent of the market for jail and prison phone calls. Unfortunately, for the average person (the ones not inside the institution walls) having someone you love behind bars, ends up being punishment for the innocent.

GTL is not only capitalizing on the innocent but is preying on a very vulnerable and delicate situation. Having been an acquaintance of an incarcerated person, I can speak to this victimization first hand. The cost of each phone call to my loved one was approximately $5.00, give or take. With processing fees taken out, this figure sank even lower. Sadly, even this small number eventually dwindled to a mere dollar or two, which is just enough for three to five minutes. All told, I spent well over $1000.00 in a six-month period, just to keep in contact with someone I love. To put that in perspective, my cell phone bill for the corresponding time totaled $240.00.

I am in college, living paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford the outrageous fees that GTL charges. As a result, my ability to communicate with my loved one was severely limited. Not only is this disheartening for both parties, it creates a victim out of an innocent person. Should friends and relatives of the incarcerated be financially punished, just for knowing the person? While we live in a capitalist society, and this is truly capitalization of the highest degree, morality needs to be taken into consideration. After all, isn’t that what got us here in the first place?

While it may be a smart business move for GTL to capitalize on this much-needed service, it is at the expense of those who don’t deserve this kind of punishment. Keeping in contact with those we love is an essential part of rehabilitation. It helps us maintain family ties, and allows us to cope with a stressful and difficult situation. Incarceration has the power to rip families and friends apart. Adding insult to injury, Global Tel-Link seeks to capitalize on our misfortune.

IC Solutions: The Worst is Yet to Come

With companies like IC Solutions, the inmate phone provider, things do not get better. They get way worse. The problem is they have reached a state where they feel like they are in complete control and no one can stop them. When a company reaches that state and reaches that point of view, it is quite frightening as there is no telling what they might do next or what is up their sleeve. At this point, I would not put anything past IC Solutions. You could tell me they kicked someone, and it would not shock me in the least. I do not hold them in high regard and I do not put anything past them. In fact, I expect it from them. I expect even more of it in the future, as mentioned.

This link right here further proves my point: If you would like, you can do your own research on IC Solutions. There is another link about the company where it talks about how there was a parent trying to reach their son and they came up empty. Again, this is nothing new with IC Solutions. This poor parent lost almost one hundred dollars. In the link I provided above, it was another family matter where someone was trying to reach their brother. At this point, if the phone call actually goes through and someone is not ripped off by IC Solutions, I’m in complete and utter shock and learn more about IC Solutions.

I hear far more negative stories than I do positive stories. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t find anything good about IC Solutions. It is because there is nothing good about them and it is only going to get worse as they get more powerful and more in control of people’s lives and their bank accounts and more information click here.

A Massive Department in Packaging

Packaging Seafood In The Safest Manner Possible


When safety is the highest priority, packaging seafood in metal containers can be hazardous. Metal can often be used for creating weapons with; their sharpened edges are also a caution to be aware of. Safety as the highest priority leads to substitutes for packaging seafood.


The best methods used by the top rated packaging companies are in new synthetic material.


This softer packaging and lighter weight load has led to tremendous rehabilitation of safety standards and when distributing seafood globally. The lightweight plastic used as a substitute to metal containers have even helped the correctional industry. The lives of inmates are improved, and the offering of seafood is now a real option.


But this is made possible by the brightest name we know in packaging today. We have the Keefe Group to thank and for this great innovation.


Who Is The Keefe Group?


The Keefe Group has over 30 years in experience and in leading the supply of products or services to private facilities across the globe. One of the strongest factors to Keefe success is that it revolutionizes modern uses of packaging and enables these everyday products to be used with greater safety.


Meanwhile, the Keefe Group’s factories are also producing these product solutions and at incredible rates. The company got it start in 1975 and by leveraging a unique market for packaged coffee. Coffee is a popular product used across the globe by varying cultures and is even upheld to a gourmet status.


This was the market that the Keefe Group entered business with.


The future vision which the business had is relevant today.


Better safety measures and clever delivery steps enabled Keefe Group to become the largest U.S. private facility provider and with millions served weekly.


A Long Legacy In the Correctional Field


The leverage Keefe Group had was in maximizing the daily products which correctional facilities use via both staff and inmates being housed. The contracts eventually grew, the need and the demand did also. Faster than the founders expected, Keefe Group was then secured in its industry and by offering innovation no one else cared to provide.

IC Solutions: Where Is Their Punishment?

IC Solutions is scaring people left and right, and they are scaring people because of what they are doing and how they are doing it. If reading this link does not scare you,, you might need to get your pulse checked. It shows how deep and how corrupt IC Solutions, the inmate phone company, has gotten over the years. As of this moment, it appears there is no end in sight with them. Things are getting worse and they are not getting better. These are not introspective people that take the time to look in the mirror and look for ways to change. Instead, they are happy doing things the status quo because it works for them and more information click here.

They should change their name to Me Solutions. All of the solutions they come up with are only there to serve their own best interests. It shows what kind of company they are and what kind of hearts they have. That being said, if you ask me, they don’t have any heart as a company or as people. They are cruel, ruthless, and they go right for the gut punch. They know the damage and pain they have caused the customers and the inmates and they don’t even stop to think about the long-term damage it could have on someone and learn more about IC Solutions.

Sometimes we need to look at the big picture of things and really realize what is going on with some of these inmates. They might be troubled and they might have deeper issues that have not been made aware of by a doctor, a therapist, or a psychiatrist. If they had been on the proper medication, perhaps they would not have been in this spot in the first place. They would have known better and been in the right mental state and its Website.

IC Solutions: Be Afraid

I don’t like to tell people to be afraid, but in certain cases, it would be a bad idea not to be afraid. Just because you are afraid, it does not mean you are giving up or throwing in the towel. It just means you are being self-aware of what is happening and you are proceeding with caution. I imagine anyone that has used IC Solutions would tell you the same exact thing, as they have history of IC Solutions to back it up. I always enjoy when people are brutally honest. That is the best way to be when dealing with this corrupt, shady, and underhanded inmate Phone Company. After all, now they are stealing from strangers.

Yes, you read that correctly. It was bad enough they were taking from people that were trying to use the product, but now they are going after random people with no affiliation to IC Solutions. Imagine if you woke up one day and you realized there was money missing from your account and a company you had never heard of before took it. It would be rather jarring and rather frightening to say the least.Upon further review, this individual tried to reach out to IC Solutions for some answers. I know I would want answers in this particular situation. IC Solutions told them they were using the service and they offered no refunds. It is good to see they are reasonable. Yes, that is sarcasm. There is nothing reasonable or logical about IC Solutions. They are not from this world. They are from another planet where they run the show the way they want to run it without even stopping to think about how it could get in the way of their business or a human life.

Why Choose Keefe Group For Inmates Phone Service

Are you searching for an affordable telephone or communications service for inmates and families? Do you want to save money on your jail or prison phone calls while having access to vast range of excellent services and products?


As a reliable and experienced inmates phone service provider, Keefe Group caters to numerous families around the country. The company is highly regarded in the industry due to its top notch features and services.


Keefe Group makes it convenient and easy for inmates and their relatives to stay in touch. The excellent inmate phone service and communications features provided by Keefe Group enable customers to save tremendous amounts of money on jail and prison phone calls.


Inmates and their relatives want to communicate frequently and they want an affordable and efficient way to do so. Although there are many companies that offer inmates phone service not all of them can meet your needs. That is why many people choose Keefe Group.


Service reliability is important for users. If you are researching new companies, be sure to ask about the company’s customer support and problem resolution procedures. It is also crucial to find out if there are extra costs for certain features you may need.


I have been receiving outstanding service from Keefe Group. I also save a great deal of money on jail and prison phone calls and I highly recommend this company. Many people are are raving about the excellent features and services provided by Keefe Group.


The team of knowledgeable and experienced customer representatives at Keefe Group cares about the well-being of their customers and clients. These professionals make it a priority to handle customer support issues promptly, and ensure their satisfaction.


By paying attention to their customers needs and providing exactly the services and features they need, Keefe Group continues to be the leading inmates communications service provider. The company also handles correctional commissary supply and caters to jails and prisons around the country. To learn more about the various services and products Keefe Group provides, contact their customer service representatives.


Struggles of Keefe Group with Corruption Charges

Keefe Commissary Group is among the leading inmate communications companies in Florida. The Keefe Group came into existence in 2008 after its parent organization, Centric Group, acquired G.T. Endeavors. The Florida-based firm is also the leading supplier of snacks, personal care products, electronics, and software correctional items. The firm has been in operation for close to 42 years now. However, the Keefe Group has a number of bribery cases at court that are yet to be solved relating to their in-bid contracts with several correctional state centers.



Most prisoners both at the local and state level have been battling with the corrupt Keefe Group for sometimes now. For instance, through the intervention of Under Lock & Key in 2009, most Pennsylvania prisoners complained of Keefe group especially on how the Group benefited from their oppression behind the bars. Actually, there has been a great concern to support Florida Prisons against Keefe Snack sneak attacks and high prices of commissary items.


In another related instance, two Gainesville businessmen admitted having connived with Keefe officials in paying bribes to state prison officers. The 64-year old Joseph Dees and Dugger pleaded guilty in the federal court in Jacksonville over the conspiracy issue that led to the resignation of James V. Crosby and Allen Wayne Clark in the year2011. Actually, Dees and his friend Dugger secretly collaborated with the former State prison official, Crosby to sell insurance inside Florida prisons. Originally, the vending deal was between Keefe executives and state prison officials. The deal incorporated the two businessmen who created a company in 2004 that offered canteen services for visitors at Florida prisons. The deal turned sour when the two confessed in court that they were to pay the former Keefe Commissary president Jack Donnelly a sum of $260,000 of the projected $1.5 million sales per year.


In 2014, the prison task force indicated their interest to review prison systems due to large numbers of corruption charges involving correction commissioners. Thus, under the new administration, several recommendations were being put in place to protect inmates from hostile groups like Keefe and others. For instance, the new administration intended to challenge every agency to have competitive bids with a minimal worth of $100,000.


Telmate Shuts the Door on That Little Beacon of Light

Having an imprisoned family member can be really hard on people. It means one less loved one in your life; one less person to rely on and exchange favors with; one less person in your social network around to help you; one less ray of sunshine in your life. The fact that Telmate imposes unreasonably high fees and rates leaves people feeling helpless as they are given the choice to either accrue big phone bills by talking to their loved ones or not talk to their loved ones, at all.


Hearing that you have the option to call a loved one in prison is like a small, bright beacon of light through a door that you thought was shut to you. However, once people hear that they have to pay such high rates and fees, that door seems to shut, indefinitely; eternally exposing them to the darkness of sadness.


Unfortunately, as long as law makers and the general public do not pay attention to this issue, that door will be shut forever—or at least for a very, very, very long time. Inmates and their families are helpless to the fact that not much is being done to curb the unscrupulous billing customs of Telmate and other inmate phone companies.


For all of this trouble, one would think that Telmate provides the best service possible. Wrong! If you take a gander at customer reviews online about Telmate, there are tons of bad reviews saying how bad Telmate’s customer service is.


Sometimes, customers, as well as non-customers, get odd calls that claim to be through Telmate and from detention centers. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether the calls are legitimately from a prison or jail, or are scam calls. There are scams out there where people pretend to represent an official sounding company or organization, and attempt to get personal information and/or money.


Telmate Provides Phone Service to Prisoners

Prisoners who are incarcerated in prisons around the United States do not have access to mobile phones and email as forms of communication. Therefore, they must rely on the phones provided by the prisons as the only way of getting in touch with their loved ones and legal advisors. The way that the prison phone industry works has caused a great deal of controversy. This is because prisoners are not given a variety of choices where their phone service providers are concerned. Each prison only has one company providing its phone service. Needless to say, the companies that provide this phone service can tend to get greedy since they have no competition.


Telmate is one of the largest companies in the prison phone service industry. They have exclusive contracts to provide the phone service for many prisons in the United States. Inmates and their families often complain that the rates that are charged by Telmate and their competitors are much more than they should be. The high cost of making phone calls in prisons has made it very difficult for inmates to stay in regular contact with people in their family. Another concerning issue is the fact that prisoners often have trouble calling their lawyers. This can be especially problematic if the prisoner’s lawyer has filed an appeal and the process is underway. It is important for the lawyer to keep the prisoners updated on how the appeal is going.


Telmate allows inmates in the prisons it services to create an account that they can deposit money into. Money will be deducted from this account when the inmate places a phone call. Calls made within the state where the inmate is being incarcerated cost a different amount than calls made to a different state. Telmate has said that it is proud of its reputation and considers itself to be one of the most reputable companies in the prison phone service industry. However, the high price of prison phone calls continues to generate an enormous amount of controversy. It remains to be seen if anything will ever be done about it.

Revolutionizing Prison Industry Communication

In recent times, prison inmates have shown exemplary efforts to reshape the society despite their status. Some companies have shown and offered support to these inmates to ensure a smooth transition in the life after prison. One of these companies is Telmate, a technology solutions provider, founded in 2004 and that serves as a communications provider for inmates and their friends and families. Some of the communications solutions provided by Telmate include; photo sharing, video visits, entertainment, messaging and education among others. Currently, the San Francisco based organization is serving over 50 correctional facilities in the Canada and the United States of America, with 30 based in America alone. The organization has the primary objective of innovating with current technologies to improve the image of inmates by having their communication secured. Daily usage of the organization’s communication software has reached a high of 15000 data requests per minute. Telmate has also initiated community outreach programs that celebrate correction officers who have dedicated their lives to defend their communities. These programs include Telmate Fallen Heroes, Temate Cares, and Telmate Heroes. These outreach programs often work with law departments to provide their services.


But with ongoing competition like in any other industry, Telmate has received numerous complaints from industry players about their monopolistic nature. One of these companies, Securus Technologies Inc based in Dallas argues that Telmate used lies and unfairness to distract away from their customers in a move aimed at absorbing the clients themselves. They also allege that Telmate, in this context, has gained over 15 clients from Securus which has elicited uproar in the industry. In a well-calculated play that saw Securus Technologies’ CEO Rick Smith painted as an inmate, Securus argue that Telmate defied the law. They also say that Telmate used fake phones to ensure that Securus was ineffective and thus painting a picture that they, Telmate are efficient in receiving phones. Telmate also lied that they have been in the industry since 1988 whereas they started operation back in 2005. Securus filed a suit against Telmate to restrain it from practicing its unlawful advertising practices.