An Outstanding Consumer Review about Global Tel-Link

I have consumed Global Tel Link (GTL) and Prison Phone Call Services (PCS) and realized that they are the same. When you use PCS, GTL tells you how fraudulent PCS is. One agent told me to renew my subscriptions at PCS to enjoy their new, affordable rates. Even when you do not answer the phone calls, both companies levy hidden charges to your calls. Both companies grab all your money once you make a short phone call. They always want more.

I recharged my phone. I made a call and canceled it once I heard that my niece was released. They threatened me and demanded answers as to why I have canceled the call. This means that my right as a consumer was not conditioned. I had a claim at PCS and GTL managed to get back my money for a fee. Wells Fargo claimed the eligibility of PCS and made me lose some money. For this reason, GTL pretended to save me.

In a report by Consumer Affairs, Wells Fargo investigated PCS and claimed that their business is legitimate. They refunded their money from my GTL account. I lost $50 because of their lofty bank procedures. My niece has arrested again. I checked my balance and noted that I had $50 missing. My balance was $14.95. They would have kept the money past the 90-day period refund if my niece was not arrested again.

GTL owns PCS. ACLU reveals that both companies are fraudulent and protect their interests. PCS threatened to charge me three times the normal rates because I canceled a call. Wells Fargo skips PCS from the investigation. They refund $50 to GTL. Because GTL and PCS are a monopoly, we do not have any redemption. The prison system makes inmates worse than they got in. Families get ripped off their savings through the fraudulent, expensive calls.