A Tablet for Each Inmate at Davidson County Jail

Davidson County Jail in Nashville, Tenessee has issued all inmates a personal tablet. The use of the devices is monitored. While it’s controversial, the benefits have improved conditions for all involved. It serves as entertainment and another way for inmates to communicate with important people on the outside.

The tablets do not cost the taxpayers anything, according to Sheriff Daron Hall of The Davidson County Jail. They were issued by Global Tel Link who provides the communications services for the prison. The inmates are allowed to keep the tablets for the duration of their time spent in the facility. The program does not cost anything or benefit the jail, Global Tel Link receives revenue whenever an inmate purchases an item.

Since the program’s inception in August of 2016, it has been successful. It is a beneficial management tool as well as a calling utility. It helps the visitation process by using the skype feature so inmates can see loved ones anytime. Most of the time, inmates might choose to stay in their cell occupied by the games and music they can purchase on the tablet. That same device allows them to make calls, which causes less frustration for waiting in long lines to use the communal telephone.

The progress has been praised by the sheriff and inmates. It has a calming effect and gives inmates other activities to focus on rather than any negative ones that might come about when they interact with each other. There’ve been fewer incidents of violence and disagreements. Even though they have a tablet, they are to use it under strict conditions. Inmates can not use the tablet to browse the internet and communication made with the device are monitored.

In addition to the entertainment features, inmates can store files and navigate the jail system in which they are residing. This program is the only of it’s kind in the state. To learn more, visit the original news story from News Channel 5 Network.