A Massive Department in Packaging

Packaging Seafood In The Safest Manner Possible


When safety is the highest priority, packaging seafood in metal containers can be hazardous. Metal can often be used for creating weapons with; their sharpened edges are also a caution to be aware of. Safety as the highest priority leads to substitutes for packaging seafood.


The best methods used by the top rated packaging companies are in new synthetic material.


This softer packaging and lighter weight load has led to tremendous rehabilitation of safety standards and when distributing seafood globally. The lightweight plastic used as a substitute to metal containers have even helped the correctional industry. The lives of inmates are improved, and the offering of seafood is now a real option.


But this is made possible by the brightest name we know in packaging today. We have the Keefe Group to thank and for this great innovation.


Who Is The Keefe Group?


The Keefe Group has over 30 years in experience and in leading the supply of products or services to private facilities across the globe. One of the strongest factors to Keefe success is that it revolutionizes modern uses of packaging and enables these everyday products to be used with greater safety.


Meanwhile, the Keefe Group’s factories are also producing these product solutions and at incredible rates. The company got it start in 1975 and by leveraging a unique market for packaged coffee. Coffee is a popular product used across the globe by varying cultures and is even upheld to a gourmet status.


This was the market that the Keefe Group entered business with.


The future vision which the business had is relevant today.


Better safety measures and clever delivery steps enabled Keefe Group to become the largest U.S. private facility provider and with millions served weekly.


A Long Legacy In the Correctional Field


The leverage Keefe Group had was in maximizing the daily products which correctional facilities use via both staff and inmates being housed. The contracts eventually grew, the need and the demand did also. Faster than the founders expected, Keefe Group was then secured in its industry and by offering innovation no one else cared to provide.