A Competitive Bidding System Should be Introduced in All Correction Departments

The jail authorities in Mississippi must do something about several contracts with the no-bid specification. Maybe the processes of streamlining the tenders given to various organizations that supply necessities to prisoners should be reviewed. I believe it is the only way that correction departments can ensure competitiveness to facilitate getting better and cheaper deals. I have nothing particular against Keefe Group, but the mere fact that one of the commissioners recently indicted on corruption charges is closely linked to the organization is disturbing.

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The task force responsible for overseeing the streamlining of the process which met recently should speed up the recommendations they have in mind so that there can be fairness in tender awarding. I believe that all the lawmakers will support Gov. Phil Brant to ensure the new measures are passed in the legislative assembly. I am not surprised the governor saw the necessity to appoint the five-member task force after another Commissioner for Incarceration know as Epps, and a business colleague called Mr. McCory also faced contract corruption charges by the federal government. Even though the two accomplices have pleaded not guilty as charged, I guess their trial will expose a lot of rot in the system. Visit The Dispatch to know more about Keefe Group.

I am sure one of the attorneys involved in the case, Andy Taggart, who is also the co-chairman of the fact-finding committee was sincere when he said that the recommended acts were intended to make the government more transparent. I am happy that although he conceded the uphill task involved in preventing bribery and other acts of corruption despite the presence of tight regulations and laws, the new legislation would make it extremely hard for the perpetrators to carry on their activities blatantly. I am pissed out by the fact that several Correction Departments have contracts with no bids that need to be put up for competitive tendering. The department spokeswoman Grace Simmons Fisher pointed out where such contracts are in Health Assurance LLC based in Jackson, and Management and Training Corporation managing prisons in Mississippi but headquartered in Utah. Keefe Group which is Missouri-based also independently provides commissary facilities in Prisons in Mississippi. All these vagaries should be terminated. Know more about Keefe Group on kununu.com