A Change Is Brewing For Inmate Calling Companies

For those of us who have someone we love who is incarcerated, life is challenging. We are faced with a social stigma. In addition, when that person is our spouse we are often left acting as a single parent who struggles to provide for our family while keeping it together. Unfortunately, the corrupt business practices of inmate calling providers like Global Tel Link make this next to impossible.

Global Tel-Link is one of the largest inmate calling companies in the United States. They have received large amounts of complaints from consumers like you and I. MyThreeCents.com is loaded with negative reviews which can be viewed here. Unfortunately, GTL is not receptive to the idea of providing a sensible calling solution to their customers.

This is why the FCC has finally begun to step in. Recently, they have adopted calling rate caps for telephone calls located within the same state. Inmate calling providers have vowed to fight these new proposed caps every step of the way. More on these new rules can be viewed here.

Unfortunately as the Consumerist exposed, these calling rate caps do nothing to limit the amount the companies can charge for calls across state lines. This is why the ACLU and FCC must continue working to adopt legislation that encourages sensible and sustainable charges that families can afford.

In addition to limiting these rates, the FCC must move to limit the kickbacks that inmate calling companies provide to correctional facilities. These kickbacks are part of the reason the rates are so high. This type of action is opposed by both correctional facilities and inmate calling providers. Further info on GTL’s fraud explained on this YouTube video.

Fortunately, the stories of those of us who are impacted most by these unfair business practices are getting the attention of elected officials. By continuing to share how these practices are hurting our families, we can help to drive the necessary change.