Get Signature Calling Features With The Keefe Group

The Keefe Group has been reported as one of the largest growing inmate communication providers in the industry by PRN News. Customers get the support they need with their services 24/7, with a friendly professional standing by to take your call when and where you need it. They employ over 16,000+ IT professionals in communication, telecommunications security, and customer service. The Keefe Group has been proudly serving the community for over 40+ years and a member of the American Correctional Association (ACA). Their packaging services is one of their most popular features along with superior calling packages.

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Take part in features which mean that you never have to leave home and eliminate the need for an expensive third party authorization. This features is highly preferred among their disabled and out-of-town residents. You have the option of choosing from popular brands like Maxwell House, Cactus Annie’s, and Hostess to name a few. The Keefe Group also offers the opportunity for their Mexican customers to get a gourmet meal from their order list. They understand your unique diet and have added items to their packaging services that are meant for your specific dietary plan. Your love ones in a correctional facility are eating a nutritional meal when they choose to order products from the Keefe Group packaging services. Visit to know more.

The Keefe Group Services & Features

Remote Visitation

If you have a valid debit or credit card and are 18 years of age or older, you can talk to your love ones in a correctional facility conveniently over the internet. Control the video and the sound with a few onscreen modules.

Kiosk Services

Inmates can find out how much they have in their account with a card that gives them full access to a kiosk system designed to immediately give them their balance. Inmates never have to guess how much they have in the commissary account.

You’re invited to become a valuable member of the Keefe Group today by visiting their exclusive website for more details. Spend more time talking to the ones you love in a correctional facility and spend less.

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Revolutionizing Prison Industry Communication

In recent times, prison inmates have shown exemplary efforts to reshape the society despite their status. Some companies have shown and offered support to these inmates to ensure a smooth transition in the life after prison. One of these companies is Telmate, a technology solutions provider, founded in 2004 and that serves as a communications provider for inmates and their friends and families. Some of the communications solutions provided by Telmate include; photo sharing, video visits, entertainment, messaging and education among others. Currently, the San Francisco based organization is serving over 50 correctional facilities in the Canada and the United States of America, with 30 based in America alone. The organization has the primary objective of innovating with current technologies to improve the image of inmates by having their communication secured. Daily usage of the organization’s communication software has reached a high of 15000 data requests per minute. Telmate has also initiated community outreach programs that celebrate correction officers who have dedicated their lives to defend their communities. These programs include Telmate Fallen Heroes, Temate Cares, and Telmate Heroes. These outreach programs often work with law departments to provide their services.


But with ongoing competition like in any other industry, Telmate has received numerous complaints from industry players about their monopolistic nature. One of these companies, Securus Technologies Inc based in Dallas argues that Telmate used lies and unfairness to distract away from their customers in a move aimed at absorbing the clients themselves. They also allege that Telmate, in this context, has gained over 15 clients from Securus which has elicited uproar in the industry. In a well-calculated play that saw Securus Technologies’ CEO Rick Smith painted as an inmate, Securus argue that Telmate defied the law. They also say that Telmate used fake phones to ensure that Securus was ineffective and thus painting a picture that they, Telmate are efficient in receiving phones. Telmate also lied that they have been in the industry since 1988 whereas they started operation back in 2005. Securus filed a suit against Telmate to restrain it from practicing its unlawful advertising practices.


Keefe Group: A Leader in Inmate Communications

Keefe Group is a market leader when it comes to the supply of; software solutions, telecommunications solutions, technological devices, clothing, electronics, personal care products, and food products to correctional facilities. The company has six major affiliates that include; Advanced Technologies Group, ICSolutions, Access Corrections, Access Securepak, Keefe Commissary Network, and Keefe Supply Company. Keefe has been serving the correctional market since 1975, and was the pioneer company in coming up with technology services packaging and products that meet the unique needs of correctional facilities across the country. For instance, the company eliminated the security threat associated with glass and metal containers by offering pouch-packaged seafood to correctional facilities.

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Keefe’s head office is located St. Louis, Missouri. Apart from the headquarters, the company has ten regional service centers and seven distribution centers. Keffee’s number one priority is to come up with innovative services and products for its clients and guarantee maximum customer satisfaction. The company packages private-label products and a variety of name brands at its manufacturing facility. Keefe has been able to revolutionize the various services in correctional facilities such as; entertainment for inmates, financial transactions, as well as the flow of information and communication. Contraband has been eliminated from correctional facilities by the top-quality products, which are supplied in care products through the Access Securepak Program. Family and friends can send inmates important times such as; electronics, shoes, clothing, personal care products, and food through Access Securepak, which as a one-stop shop. Keefe Group considers offering convenience, flexibility and security as one of its major priority.

ICSolutions’’ Services and Products

ICSolutions is a subsidiary of Keefe Group that offers exceptional customer service and innovative communications products to correctional facilities. The subsidiary was established in 2003 and serves more than 200 correctional facilities. ICSolutions serves all categories of correction facilities including; city jails, county jails, and regional jails. The subsidiary provides correctional facilities with call processing platforms that have highly advanced investigative tools, features, and capabilities. The platforms come with numerous benefits such as increased revenues for correctional facilities, greater customer satisfaction, and more inmate calling. Every new installation is planned and coordinated by ICSolution’s team of experienced personnel.

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