$100 Million Invested in Secure Calling Platform, Says Securus Technologies

In a recent press release, Securus Technologies, one of the U.S.’s largest providers of criminal justice technologies, announced that they had invested over $700 million into new products over the last three years. In the release, it was stated that $100 million of this was invested directly into their Secure Calling Platform, the most widely used inmate-communication platform of its kind in the world.

This system, which uses a range of products to facilitate communications between inmates, their families, and the corrections officials themselves, processes an estimated 400 million calls each year. Richard A. Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, had this to say about the investment:

“Most of what we build also benefits inmates and friends and family members as well – we DO NOT forget about those customers. We invest in improving the speed of funding – reaching bail bondsmen and friends/family faster with high quality, video calling for a richer social contact, inmate education, inmate healthcare, religion, finding jobs, recreation, music and movie and book downloads, and tablets. All of that and more. Incarceration is bad/stressful and we try to make it less stressful.”

Most of the $700 million Securus has spent in product development was placed into a variety of areas, including data analytics, jail management systems, criminal tracking, and inmate rehabilitation. Securus Technologies systems are used in over 3,450 facilities world-wide.

Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-technologies-announces-direct-investment-of-600-million-in-the-last-three-years-for-new-products-and-technologies-for-corrections-and-law-enforcement-300305997.html